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Report to the PWF Advisory Committee 

August 27, 2013 

Dr. Arto Hämäläinen 

Chairman PWF World Missions Commission Page 2 


WMC/PWF REPORT 2010-2013 


In the last 3 years WMC has been in the process to build contacts and develop the services to world missions executives. The World Missions Network (WMN) was officially started by the decision of the PWF Advisory Committee in 2012. The internet basis has been established ( on 2011. The content of the intranet has developed. It serves leaders in world missions. The access is only by password in order to keep the security of the information. 

After Stockholm conference WMC has had annual gatherings, at Budapest, Hungary in 2011, and at Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2012. 

WMC is working in close cooperation with WMC of WAGF. 

The chairman of WMC/PWF has been elected to Mission Commission Associate of WEA in 2012. He has participated also the Transform Summit in 2012. He is also chairman of PEF and PEM, and member in the E21 Global Council (since 2013) and European Cabinet (since 2011). 

The chairman has been assisted by voluntary workers (Ms Anne Taanila 2009-2011 and Mrs Keshia Perera-Joensuu 2011-2013). A new one for that task should be found.



Budapest (Gödöllö), Hungary 2011 

The themes were: 

“Indigenous Concept and 3-self Churches – Theory or praxis in Pentecostal Missions?” , Dr. DeLonn Rance. 

“Marketplace Ministry”, Director of Marketplace ministry Kevin Pate, Global Advance, implemented by Skype connection. 

“Towards a Conceptual Framework for Church Leadership Formation in Urban South Asia”, Dr. Chadwick Mohan. 

“How Can We Embrace Diaspora Mission?”, Dr. Grant McClung, comment by Rev. Asa Kain. 


Siem Reap, Cambodia 2012 

Dr Paul Alexander: Experiencies in Designing Missionary Training Programs. 

Rev Kevin Hovey: Experiences in Oceania in Training for Missions. 

Mission Director Brad Walz: Latin American Experiences in Training for Missions. 

Rev Harry Leesment: Deaf Discovering Jesus, the Unreached World of over 300 million. 

Rev Avi Micrachi: From Jerusalem to the Ends of the Earth – Still Valid? PWF World Missions Commission Page 3 



The first book of WMC series was published by Pathway Press in 2012. “Together in One Mission” which is edited by Grant McClung and Arto Hämäläinen is recently become available also as Kindle edition ebook at 


WMC was in a joint action with Pentecostal Asian Mission and Pentecostal European Mission in channeling humanitarian help to Japan after the tsunami there. PEM coordinated the gathering. 


The religious liberty matters were given to the responsibility of WMC by the Advisory Committee in 2012. That is why Dr. Brian Stiller is one of the speakers in the World Missions Forum at Kuala Lumpur. It is according to the consideration of the AC how to continue in the future. 


WMC has inquired PEM, PEM and WMC/WAGF about the need to provide a global hub for the Pentecostal world missions. All those networks are interested in that. The Continental Theological Seminary in Belgium has offered a possibility to provide a base for that. 


The networking organizations are challenged to make contributions to WMC. In August 2013 there is about 3000 USD on the account for WMC. The financial guidelines were formed with the PWF executive committee in 2012. 


Lead team 

Chairman Dr. Arto Hämäläinen, Finland 

Vice chairman Rev. Asa Kain, Bangladesh 

Secretary Mission director Brad Walz Argentine/USA 

Member at large Dr.Lazarus Chakwera, Malawi 


Rev. Uche Ama, Nigeria 

Rev. David Batenzi, Tanzania 

Rev. Ron Kinnear, South Africa 

Rev. Jean Baptiste Sawadogo, Burkina Faso 


Rev. Michael Dissanayeke, Sri Lanka 

Rev. David Mohan, India 

Rev. Steven Kum, Malaysia 

Rev. Ildoo Kwon, South Korea 

Rev. Donovan Ng, Hongkong PWF World Missions Commission Page 4 


Rev. Surapong Pratumwan, Thailand 

Rev. Takashi Yoshida, Japan 


Rev. Michel Freyd, France 

Dr. Rudy Giron, Spain 

Mission director Ghita Ritisan, Romania 

Rev. Bohuslav Wojnar, Czech Rep. 

Latin America 

Rev. Anisio Nascimento, Brazil 

Rev. Samuel Rodriquez, Peru 

North America 

Dr. Paul Alexander, USA 

Mission director Talmadge Gardner, USA 

Mission Director Murray Cornelius, Canada 

Dr. Greg Mundis, USA 

Dr. David Shibley, USA 

Mission Director Jim Scott, USA 

Middle East 

Rev. Avi Mizrachi, Israel 

Rev. Dikran Salbashian, Jordan 

Rev. Ihsan Özbek, Turkey 


Rev. Kevin Hovey 

Missiological advisors 

Dr. Grant McClung, USA 

Dr. Delonn Rance, USA 

On behalf of the WMC/PWF 

Dr. Arto Hämäläinen 


World Missions Comission
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