Pentecostal Networks

Pentecostal World Fellowship

The is a cooperative body of Pentecostal churches  and groups worldwide of approved standing. It is not a legislative body to any national entity, but it is rather a coalition of commitment for the furtherance of the Gospel to the ends of the world.

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Pentecostal European Mission

(PEM) is a branch of the  and a coordinating body for Global Missions. The aim is to enhance co-operation between Pentecostal Churches and Mission organizations in Europe and other parts of the world for the fulfillment of the great commission to reach the whole world with the Gospel.

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The is a network of 53 Pentecostal Movements across Europe working  together, with a vision to reach Europe with the Good News of the Gospel, through mutual prayer and cooperation.

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World Missions Comission
Julkaisujärjestelmänä Verkkoviestin